KMS - Kaz Media Service
KMS - Kaz Media Service
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About us

«Kaz Media Service» LLP LLP is an expert in the field of promotion and distribution of foreign TV channels in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The company was established in October 2013 by a team of professionals in the telecommunications field. Today Kaz Media Service’s catalogue contains the most popular worlwide TV channels. Among the company’s partners there are major players in the international market.

We cooperate with leading cable Operators in Kazakhstan and due to the experience of our employees we are able to respond to changes in the television sphere very quickly with satisfying the needs of our customers.

Kaz Media Service’s Main Areas of Activities:

  • Representing the interests of TV channels for cable and satellite TV providers, as well as mobile and Internet platform operators;
  • Juridical support during the registration of foreign TV channels;
  • IPTV development consultancy;
  • Assistance in promotion of TV channels on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Our partners

TURNER Broadcasting System Europe Limited
Signal Media
  • «ТТК» LLP
  • «Activ Capital» LLP
  • «Связь-ИНКОМ-Сервис и телекоммуникации» LLP
  • «Самойленко В.В.»IE
  • «Мустафин А.К.» IE
  • «Фермата» LLP
  • «Аскет» LLP
  • «Медиа ТВ» LLP
  • «Алтын-Арна» LLP
  • «МТК плюс» LLP
  • «Балхаш ТВ» LLP
  • «Бек +TV» LLP
  • «Terraline» LLP
  • «Первое коммерческое телевидение» LLP
  • «Sip Telecom» LLP
  • «Бизнес-Телеком ЛТД» LLP
  • «Валента» LLP
  • «Ай-Су-Тv» LLP
  • «МКС-Плюс» LLP
  • «NETRING-Media» LLP
  • «Карпенко» IE
  • «Степанова» IE
  • ПК МИГ
  • «RT» LLP
  • «КА-ТВ» LLP
  • «Мега line» LLP
  • «Элитком» LLP
  • «Promonet Plus» LLP
  • «Кабельные сети Костаная» LLP
  • «Кимель В.А.» IE
  • «Санжар-ТВ» LLP
  • «Кайнар-АКБ» LLP
  • «Рудненское цифровое телевидение» LLP


  • Address: 132-B, Baitursyniv Street, 6th Floor, Almaty, 050013, Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Telephone: +7 (727) 292 28 28, 292 49 49
  • Fax: +7 (727) 292 34 88
  • E-mail: